Empty Goodmayes care home beds are because staff are unable to refer patients say clients - Easy Branches

Empty Goodmayes care home beds are because staff are unable to refer patients say clients

The Recorder has received calls and emails from the relatives of residents at Meadow Court, Barley Lane, Goodmayes, who were at the meeting with the consultant in 2014 and are angered that the centre could close.

The Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) funds places at Meadows Court and said no decisions have been made about whether that funding will continue.

“The local NHS is facing significant challenge and we cannot afford to continue to pay for empty beds,” said Dr Raj Kumar, GP and mental health clinical lead for Redbridge CCG.

“We are proposing to end our contract at Meadow Court and support those who live there to 
move to a different nursing home of their choice.

“People moving to Meadow Court have been steadily reducing for a number of years and there are a large number of empty beds which the NHS continues to pay for – we felt it was sensible to reduce our active promotion of the home.”

Michael Berry, of Aldborough Hatch, had a family member at Meadow Court and he said the “writing has been on the wall” for some time.

“When someone died and the room became vacant it was never filled up – it is criminal,” he said.

Anette Reynolds’ dad lived in Meadow Court. She said it was a brilliant facility which you can’t put a price on.

“With an ageing population they should not be considering to close them but training more people up to nurse in them,” she said.

Health campaigner Andy Walker said residents need more homes providing good care.

“I made a Freedom of Information request earlier this year and the last data they had showed that bed capacity was at 41per cent,” he told the Recorder.

“When we have issues of bed blocking at King George and Queen’s hospitals it begs the question of why capacity at Meadow Court is so low.”

Care UK, which runs Meadow Court, said: “We do not have any influence over referral of people into these NHS-funded places.

“Meadow Court is a purpose built home which has been rated as good by the CQC but clearly take-up locally has not been in line with the CCG’s expectations.”