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Panoramic Windows: in Harmony with Nature

Open the gateway to nature with our panoramic windows made of aluminum profile. Immerse yourself in harmony with the surroundings through stylish and efficient panoramic glazing

By: Easy Branches Team

  • Dec 31 2023
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Panoramic Windows: in Harmony with Nature
Panoramic Windows: in Harmony

Panoramic glazing was previously predominantly used in elite hotels and restaurants. PVC window profile manufacturers could not offer a reliable and affordable solution for everyone, and there were no other alternatives for a long time. The growing production of aluminium windows in the EU has introduced a fundamentally new system of panoramic glazing to the market. European aluminum profiles are distinguished by high quality and increased performance characteristics, making them an ideal solution for residential and commercial properties.

Advantages and Features of Panoramic Glazing

Panoramic windows have significant advantages over classical glazing systems. Their main benefits include:

  • Striking appearance: Thanks to a slim profile, the majority of the window opening is occupied by the glass, making the structure appear almost frameless.
  • More light: Panoramic windows allow more light to enter compared to classical framed constructions, creating a special atmosphere inside and saving on lighting costs.
  • Luxurious view: A breathtaking view opens up from panoramic windows, especially relevant for owners of private houses and cottages surrounded by forests, rivers, lakes, or elevated locations. Apartment owners on high floors in modern buildings also appreciate the splendid views.

For the arrangement of panoramic glazing, aluminum windows are an ideal choice. Among the well-known brands, European companies from Belgium, Germany, and Poland dominate. For example, the Belgian manufacturer of aluminium windows emphasizes durability and aesthetics, making "Reynaers" windows well-known in Europe and associated with uncompromising quality. Polish "Aluprof" windows confidently replace PVC constructions in the mid-price range, made possible by modern metal processing technologies, automated production, and thoughtful marketing policies.

Five Reasons to Choose Windows with Aluminum Profiles

Windows with aluminum profiles have the following advantages:

  1. High-quality windows: Modern metal processing technologies and automated production processes allow the creation of reliable and practical glazing systems of any complexity.
  2. Durability: Aluminum does not fade in the sun like PVC, does not deteriorate like wood, and can last up to 100 years.
  3. Suitable for any space: Depending on the system's design based on aluminum profiles, they can be either "cold" or "warm." The former is suitable for glazing non-residential spaces used in warm seasons (verandas, gazebos, covered terraces), while energy-saving window systems are suitable for any residential house, apartment, or office.
  4. Increased strength: Metal withstands much greater loads than plastic and wood. The aluminum frame is ideal for large glass panels without the need for additional supports and reinforcement.
  5. Practicality: Panoramic aluminum windows require no special care or maintenance.

If you are considering purchasing aluminum windows, we recommend looking at popular European manufacturers whose products hold leading positions in the market of glazing systems. Windows from Schuco (Germany), Reynaers (Belgium), Ponzio (Poland), and polish windows Aluprof are the four key players in the market of aluminum glazing systems for private homes and commercial properties.

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