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Blue logo: how to create, examples

A logo is a unique graphic sign, an emblem or a symbol that is used to recognize a brand. Also, it is a key element of the corporate identity of a company, organization, product and sports team.

By: Easy Branches Team

  • Jul 06 2022
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A logo is a unique graphic sign, an emblem or a symbol that is used to recognize a brand. Also, it is a key element of the corporate identity of a company, organization, product and sports team.

You can make a blue logo at Turbologo logo generator.

The meaning of the blue color in the logo

Blue logos show reliability and peace of mind. People associate blue with different concepts and feelings: with the sky, water, the depth of the ocean or freedom. In spite of the difference in perceptions, most people agree on one thing – the love of blue. Perhaps that is why blue is one of the most commonly used colors in logo design. 

On the other hand, blue color is often chosen for logo design because of the qualities like transmitting to people on a subconscious level. Studies show that ifa person is surrounded by blue color it changes the perception of time – it seems to slow down, becomes smoother and more viscous. This effect is obtained due to the fact that the blue color has a calming effect on the psyche - reduces anxiety, pacifies, relieves tension and relaxes. As a rule, blue is chosen by people who strive for order and stability. 

At the same time, this color gives a feeling of spaciousness, air, freedom. Traditionally, in the business sphere, blue is associated with coolness, masculinity, silence and tranquility. It carries a sense of honor, loyalty, high intelligence, stability, harmony, trust, conservatism, security, loyalty, order and stability. Thanks to these characteristics, blue has become so popular in the business sphere that today it is one of the most frequently used colors in logo design. 

Nevertheless, it cannot be categorically stated that blue is only a promise of reliability and peace of mind. That would be one-sided a view of his psychoemotional impact too. Like any other color, blue has many shades that cause completely different emotions.

 The blue color palette can have not only a positive value for business, but also a negative one. Therefore, the choice of the right shade should be approached responsibly.

Examples of logos
  • ‌Social Networks – Communication

Blue and light blue color create a sense of trust, honesty, security. And they are often associated withblue the process of communication between people and with communication. That is why blue and light blue are the most popular choice for the design of logos of social networks and messengers.

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • LinkedIn
  • ‌Science, technology, IT – Peace of mind, confidence

    The blue or blue color of the logo is often chosen by companies that are engaged in the development of new equipment and equipment, scientific research in the world of electronics and instrumentation. These colors are a priority for IT companies. The choice of the blue palette is explained by the desire of these companies to relieve emotional stress among people who are stressed due to the emergence of new technologies.

    • Samsung
    • Intel
    • IBM
    • ‌Finance – Trust

    The blue palette evokes a sense of trust, reliability and stability. Thanks to this message, blue and blue logos are well suited to financial organizations and structures related to money and personal data of customers. These can be banks, logistics companies, investment funds, insurance companies, etc. Before investing money, many people choose carefully the most reliable bank, because the safety of capital is in the first place for them. And the feeling of reliability and security just gives the blue / blue color.

    • VISA
    • American Express
    • ‌Cars and airlines – Safety, reliability

      Most airlines have blue and light blue logos, as these shades are inextricably linked with the color of the sky. This is understandable and logical. But what do cars have to do with blue? It seems that there is no. Meanwhile, it is the blue logos that are emblazoned on the largest automobile factories in the world – Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, etc. They chose the blue color because it gives a sense of reliability and safety (this also applies to airlines).

      • Ford
      • Continental Airlines
      • ‌Medicine – Reliability, trust

        One of the strongest associations with blue/blue is responsibility. And this property is inextricably linked with reliability. Obviously, this is why many private clinics and medical institutions choose blue for the logo. An additional plus of the blue palette is that it soothes, relieves stress, reduces emotionality, relaxes. Agree, in medicine, this effect is very important.

        • MetLife
        • Carillon clinic
        • ‌Hygiene products – Health, cleanliness

          Many brands of personal hygiene and personal care products have chosen a blue or blue logo for a reason. Such shades are associated with purity and freshness, so they are great for the design of the identity of such brands.

          • Oral-B
          • Gillette
          • Zewa
          • ‌Chain stores – Trust and quality

            Chain hypermarkets – household, grocery, construction – quite often use the blue color in the logo design. This is due to the fact that stores are trying to convey a sense of reliability, confidence and quality through blue or light blue.

            • Ikea
            • Walmart

            While the process of choosing the color of the logo, be sure to take into account the business area. The blue palette is not suitable for every type of activity, and in some cases it may cause an incorrect reaction or look inappropriate.

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