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Join Us! Become a Member of The Local

Journalism costs money. For The Local, writing about Sweden in English requires specialist bilingual journalists with a deep knowledge of Swedish society. Until now, we have paid for this thanks to partnerships with advertisers – something we will continue. 
But when we ask you, our readers, what you want from The Local, you tell us you want more depth, more insight, more practical advice and more chances to network. So from today, you can get all this and more by joining us, and becoming a Member of The Local.
We’ll be starting off this week with an article exclusively for members about why Sweden’s deportations of high-skilled workers are continuing, despite everyone seeming to agree that this is bad for the people concerned, their employers and Sweden itself.  
And in January, we’ll invite you to our first Members’ event, held in Stockholm, where we’ll offer you a chance to meet some people making the news in Sweden.
So today, for the price of a couple of lattes, you can get all of this while supporting our journalism.
We look forward to meeting you!
James Savage
Founder and Chief Publishing Officer