Spain Papers Review - Thursday September 14, 2017 - Easy Branches

Spain Papers Review - Thursday September 14, 2017

El País leads ‘the mayors of the referendum will respond before justice’ – the prosecutor has called as under investigation 712 suspects with a detention order for disobedience. The CUP warn their militants will not attend and Juncker recalled in Europe the State of Law is obligatory and not an option.


The paper has photo of CUP activists starting their campaign and notes a battle over the curriculum in 296 Barcelona colleges.


El Mundo leads ‘the State has short-circuited October 1’ – Maza orders to investigate the mayors who support the referendum, the Constitutional Court prepares measures against the spokesmen for the Catalan Electoral Junta. The Government is prepared to cut the power supply to the polling stations acting illegally.
The King ‘the Constitution will prevail over those who bankrupt coexistence’.


La Razón leads ‘The Constitutional has opened the legal way to suspend Puigdemont’ – the magistrates will invoke for the first time article 92.4 of the regulatory law to prosecute the members of the Catalan Electoral Junta. Putting into action a mechanism to facilitate fining and temporary suspensions on people who disobey.
The Judge closed the referendum web and the Govern opened other clones.

La Vanguardia leads ‘the prosecutor calls hundreds of mayors who support October 1’ - they could be detained by the Mossos if they refuse to testify – ordered the Local Police to stop any voting.

El País adds ‘the Spanish route for pateras has reached the numbers last seen in 2008’ – migrants rescued in Spanish waters so far this year already more than all of last year with 11,043.

El País notes ‘Germany and France want to prolong the controls on the frontiers’ – the proposal is justified by the threat of terrorism in Europe.

El Mundo ‘Europe is based on the State of law and in respect for law’ Juncker insists on the unity of the 27 to strengthen the euro after Brexit.
La Razón adds ‘Juncker wants a more integrated EU and a cross-border finance minister’ – all European countries must use the euro and be in the Schengen.
La Vanguardia has an interview with the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker – ‘Over Cataluña, we must listen to the Constitutional and the Courts’ – ‘If you want to be a member of the EU, you must negotiate your adhesion’

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La Verdad in Murcia leads ‘the Health Concierge promises the health workers to recover in 2018 part of their frozen wages’ – the regional Government will pay the first eight million for the professional career and the sector remains cautious.
‘The prosecutor wants Pedro Antonio Sánchez to be judged by a popular jury’ – the former regional president is accused in the ‘Púnica case’

Información in Alicante leads ‘Puig proposes to use the City of Lights into a grand ‘Digital District’ – as an economic centre for trade, education and tourism. He announced an investment of 700 million € to improve the centres and end barriers against the disabled.

Diario de Mallorca leads ‘the judge affirms that Cursach bribed the employees of the Court with 500 € notes and Moët Chandon’ – he has opened a separate case for bribery – the backhanders were made by a retired municipal officer.
Farmers want a plan to repopulate trees destroyed by ‘Xylella’ - satisfaction in the sector as only the infected trees will be felled.

Diario de Ibiza leads ‘Businessmen alert on the increasing fraud in tourism rentals’ – a ‘pirate’ web has been defrauding clients and in the legal sector the companies are invoicing less than last Summer.


Diario Sur in Málaga has a photo of a former editor of the paper Manuel Alcántara, receiving surrounded by friends and readers the prize from the Eisenhower Fellowship.


La Opinión in Málaga has a photo of newly planted trees dying from drought and leads ‘Tourism supports the section in the war against illegal flats’ – councillor Francisco Javier Fernández, animates all the sector to take measure against the clandestine.