Spain Business Brief - Tuesday November 14, 2017 - Easy Branches

Spain Business Brief - Tuesday November 14, 2017

1,000 companies have also moved their tax base outside Cataluña and not only their headquarters. According to data from the Tax Office, the weight of sales declared in Cataluña has fallen by three percentage points in one month. Although this is yet to affect the strength of the Catalan economy, the fact that the combined number is now 2.471 who have doubted permanency.

Plastic Optical Fibre

The Treasury has called to investigate the cost of the independence mayors travelling to Brussels – some 200 made the journey with public money.

The Energy Ministry will block the plan from Iberdrola to close coal-fired stations if it produces higher prices for the consumer – never mind the green aspect. Minister Álvaro Nadal has designed a Royal Decree which removes from the large operators to choose to close a determined plant when this does not affect the power supplies.

The Fiscal Authority thinks the basic income will cost between 6 and 15.3 billion € - as demanded by the two unions UGT and CCOO. Such a measure would have a great potential in sharing wealth despite the cost to the taxman, said José Luis Escrivá in Congress

The Spanish affiliate of Blablacar invoices all its income in its French matrix – the travel company earned 60,700 € last year, up 114.4% despite the dispute with Confebus, the patronal for buses and coaches.

Vodafone Spain earned 9.6% more in its first tax half, income was up by 2.4% thanks to higher tariffs and more clients.
(April 1 – September 30). The increase in profitability is down to the new prices approved in April, a reduction in commercial costs and the operations which compensate for the increasing costs of content, roaming connections and wholesale costs for access to fibre optic.

Plastic Optical Fibre has arrived: 1 Gb/s guaranteed and no installation costs. Telefónica has launched this service to obtain streaming at 4K video across the home. POF has a fibre of 1mm in the centre and 2.2 millimetres diameter, it can be cut with a normal cutter knife and lacks the need for complicated connections and also is much cheaper than glass fibre.

POF was invented in the 60’s and is currently being used inside cars to connect the loudspeakers and in industrial environments.
Telefónica has test run around 30 homes with four different fibres. The basic elements of installation which offers two Ethernets and two new POF connections.

Research has been carried out by The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and The European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

IBEX 35 closed down 0.59% to 9,990.40
FTSE 100 closed down 0.24% to 7,415.18
Euro / Dollar closed up 0.85% to 1.176

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