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Archaeologists discover remains of burnt church

Building to be reconstructed, masonry preserved.

By: sme.sk

  • Apr 19 2024
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Archaeologists discover remains of burnt church
Archaeologists discover remain

The vicinity of the village of Ostrá Lúka near Zvolen offers many historical sites yet to be fully explored by researchers, and even today, new information about this region in central Slovakia, along with new spots for tourists to visit, is coming to light.

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Among the most important places near the village are the mediaeval Peťuša Castle, the Gunda manor house located near an unexplored fort, and the restored Renaissance mansion which once belonged to the Ostrolúcky aristocratic family.

In the near future, the remains of a church, which dates back to the Middle Ages, and cemetery grounds could join them.

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An archaeological survey carried out this March shed more light on the story of the ruins.

Fateful fire

"We assume that it was built either at the end of the 13th or the beginning of the 14th century. It was constructed in two stages. The first stage saw a nave with a rectangular presbytery built, to which a sacristy with a brick vault was later added," explains archaeologist Ján Beljak.

Earlier written sources also mention a wooden ceiling in both the nave and the sacristy. The walls of the church were probably decorated with frescoes.

According to extant historical documents, the church fell victim to a fire in 1745 and was not restored afterwards. On the same fateful day, flames engulfed the wooden rectory building.

"During the early modern period, a fortification wall was built that surrounded the church and the cemetery. This is confirmed by archaeological findings from the current survey, which we carried out here in March," adds Beljak.

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Another attraction for tourists

"We took geophysical measurements in 2011 when we scanned the area containing the church and then knew what we could expect to find. Last year, we decided to carry out an archaeological survey using sounding. The municipality was also interested in the research," says the archaeologist.

The survey is being carried out with the goal of restoring the church and presenting it to visitors of the village of Ostrá Lúka, which lies on many tourist routes.

The plan is for the church to then be reconstructed and its masonry preserved, giving tourists an idea of what the experts managed to find at the site and what has been preserved of the church.

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