Like last year, municipal housing costs such as waste tax will again increase sharply this year, according to a study of the 40 largest Dutch municip
City housing costs rise sharply

City housing costs rise sharply

City housing costs rise sharply

City housing costs rise sharply

City housing costs rise sharply

City housing costs rise sharply
City housing costs rise sharply
  • 2020-01-15 07:55:07 3 days ago
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Like last year, municipal housing costs such as waste tax will again increase sharply this year, according to a study of the 40 largest Dutch municipalities by the center for research of the economy of local governments COELO. This year housing costs for the average tenant will increase by 5 percent to 363 euros, and for the average homeowner by 4 percent to 734 euros, RTL Nieuws reports.

There are major differences in housing costs changes per municipality. The highest increases this year are in Apeldoorn, where homeowners will pay 17 percent more and tenants 29 percent more than last year. In Arnhem, costs are decreasing. 

This year municipalities are charging nearly 6 percent more for the collection and processing of waste than last year. This mainly has to do with the central government significantly increasing waste tax in 2019. Many municipalities carried these costs themselves last year, but now charge it to households, according to the researchers.

Property tax is also increasing by over 4 percent for the second year in a row. But according to Corine Hoeben of COELO, the increase is lower than they expected. As municipalities are constantly incurring higher costs for care and welfare, COELO expected property tax to increase more to cover these costs. 

Increasing property tax is an unpopular measure. Hoeben therefore thinks that municipalities are holding back a major increase in the hope that the government will release more money for care tasks. "But if that bag of money does not come, municipalities will have to raise the property tax quickly or implement budget cuts later," she said to RTL.

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City housing costs rise sharply

Online & payment fraud skyrocket; traditional crimes decreasing

Online & payment fraud skyrocket; traditional crimes decreasing

The number of reports of online fraud, payment fraud and other forms of cybercrime the police received in 2019 skyrocketed compared to the year before. While reports of more traditional forms of crime, like pickpocketing and burglary, decreased, according to annual figures the police released. The police noted a striking increase in young offenders.

Reports of fraud with online commerce increased by 31 percent. Payment fraud increased by a massive 67 percent. And reports of cybercrime increased by 64 percent. 

National Police Chief Erik Akerboom told AD that at first he almost could not believe these figures. "We looked at whether we used different measurements, but that does not appear to be the case. The only explanation we have is that more and more purchases are happening online. So fraud is also increasing." 

According to Akerboom, a large proportion of online fraud perpetrators are teenagers looking to make some quick cash. "They see in Marktplaats fraud a way to easily score money so that they can go out, for example," he said to the newspaper. 

At the same time, reports of more traditional crimes decreased last year. There were 14 percent fewer reports of pickpockets. And the number of home burglaries went down by 8 percent. According to Akerboom, this indicates a shift of crime. "Online fraud such as on Marktplaats is much easier and the chance of getting caught is smaller."

In total, over 800 thousand crimes were reported to the police last year, an increase of 4 percent compared to 2018. This is the first time in nearly a decade that crime figures showed an increase. In 2010 over a million crimes were reported. That slowly decreased to 770 thousand in 2018. But the downward trend came to an end in te second half of 2018. 

In a statement, Akerboom said that he wants the police to act more preventively than repressively, especially when it comes to young perpetrators. "The participation of young people in criminal activities is worrying and we will be monitoring this in the coming year. Earning money quickly, for example, by offering goods and so-called selling through online trading places, may be a first step on the road to a criminal career. Or take the children who were involved in the riots in Duindorp in the run-up to the New Year, the youngest suspect is 9! We must tackle this jointly and that requires an effort from, for example, parents, schools, municipalities and the police together."

[LIVE] Mevrouw Tamara,  (Unknown venue, Rotterdam, Netherlands) STREAMING

[LIVE] Mevrouw Tamara, (Unknown venue, Rotterdam, Netherlands) STREAMING

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