Hundreds of farmers expected to take part in demonstration over beef prices
Tractor protest: Major traffic disruption expected in Dublin on Wedneday

Tractor protest: Major traffic disruption expected in Dublin on Wedneday

Tractor protest: Major traffic disruption expected in Dublin on Wedneday

Tractor protest: Major traffic disruption expected in Dublin on Wedneday

Tractor protest: Major traffic disruption expected in Dublin on Wedneday

Tractor protest: Major traffic disruption expected in Dublin on Wedneday
Tractor protest: Major traffic disruption expected in Dublin on Wedneday
  • 2020-01-14 23:10:07 4 days ago
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Gardaí have warned the public to expect major disruption to traffic in Dublin city centre on Wednesday due to a large protest by farmers over beef prices.

Over 400 tractors are expected to take part in what organisers are hoping will be the biggest turnout to date in a series of demonstrations to highlight low prices for beef farmers.

The Individual Farmers of Ireland, which is staging the demonstration, has claimed it will be “significantly larger” than previous protests in November and December.

Hundreds of farmers from all over Ireland are expected to converge on Kildare Street to protest outside the Department of Agriculture and the Dáil.

Farmers remain concerned about the lack of progress by the Beef Task Force in meeting their demands for beef processors to pay higher prices to farmers in the sector.

It following the resumption of talks by the task force when representatives of the main supermarket groups attending their first face-to-face meeting with representatives of various farming bodies including the Irish Farmers’ Association, the Beef Plan movement and Maicre na Feirme.

The Individual Farmers of Ireland has claimed the task force, which includes representatives of all stakeholders, was “fast becoming a talking shop designed to pacify farmers’ concerns without any intention from the Government or the meat industry to resolve the impasse”.

Although the protest is not due to begin until 2pm, gardaí said traffic would be impacted from 10am onwards due to a number of road closures in the city centre.

Streets around Leinster House including Kildare Street, Molesworth Street, St Stephen’s Green South, Merrion Square West/South/East and Merrion Street Upper will be closed to all traffic.

In addition, eastbound traffic on Kevin Street will be diverted up New Bride Street, while only public transport services will be allowed on St Stephen’s Green North and East from 2pm.

Gardaí said motorists should also expect some delays on the main routes into Dublin from midday as tractors start to converge on the city centre.

The authorities said bus lanes will not be affected and commuters are advised to avail of public transport where possible.

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Tractor protest: Major traffic disruption expected in Dublin on Wedneday

Fr Brian D’Arcy receives OBE for cross community work

Fr Brian D’Arcy receives OBE for cross community work

Fr Brian D’Arcy received an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his work building cross community relations in Northern Ireland in recent decades, at a ceremony in Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

Fr D’Arcy received the award from the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, after agreeing to accept the honour last year.

Fr D’Arcy said royal officials were eager to award an OBE to a figure in Northern Ireland due to recent political difficulties between nationalist and unionist communities.

“They were pretty keen that someone would step forward, because the political situation in the North was so bad and nothing was happening and they were just looking to increase some form of cross-community relations and some form of help towards a healing path,” he said.

“It’s nice to get something to celebrate rather than be in grief about,” he told the RTÉ radio Ray D’Arcy show.

The priest said the honour had been offered to him “some time ago,” and then again by royal officials last year. “I texted a few people and said I don’t think you can refuse it,” he said.

“How can you say that you were working towards cross community relations and then refuse to take an award because of whatever,” he said.

“My reservation was I didn’t feel that I should be getting an award for something that I should be doing as a priest anyway,” Fr D’Arcy said. He said he “absolutely” did not have any objection in principle to accepting the honour.

When accepting the OBE, the priest told Prince William he was praying for his family. In recent days the British Royal family has been involved in major turmoil over a decision by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to step back as senior royals.

“I said in my particular job I’m fairly used to families having difficulties and everything can be worked out,” Fr D’Arcy told RTÉ radio.

Resident at HSE disability centre felt they were treated like a baby – Hiqa report

Resident at HSE disability centre felt they were treated like a baby – Hiqa report

A resident at a HSE disability centre in Co Sligo said they felt like they were “treated like a baby”, a report from the State’s health watchdog says.

Inspectors from the Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa) found “disrespectful language” was used in some care notes at Rosenheim Services regarding residents’ “intimate care management”.

The unannounced inspection, which took place over two days last October, found the centre was not compliant with nine regulations.

Of the 25 inspection reports published by Hiqa on Tuesday on designated centres for people with disabilities, a good level of compliance with regulation and standards was found in 19 centres.

Inspectors said it was noted in care notes that a resident at Rosenheim Services “expressed that they felt like they were ‘treated like a baby’ and did not like the way certain staff treated them”.

Residents told inspectors they were not permitted treats when certain staff were on duty, with one resident stating that they “liked to go home to family as they could choose what they wanted to eat at home”.

“In addition, there was disrespectful language used in some care notes with regard to residents’ intimate care management, and this had not been identified and addressed by the person in charge,” the inspection report said.

“The person in charge acknowledged that she was not aware of these concerns, and safeguarding procedures had not been followed to establish if there were reasonable grounds for concern.”

Inspectors found that governance and management arrangements in place at Rosenheim Services were “poor” which was negatively impacting on the quality of life and safety of residents in two of the five residential houses in the centre.

Inspectors also found there was “insufficient staff” in place to meet the needs of residents in some parts of the centre. Hours that were assigned for social outings were at times utilised to cover staff absences, “which resulted in a reduction of residents’ accessing community outings of choice”.

They also said “significant improvements” were required in the centre to ensure that the care delivered to residents was safe, of a high quality and in line with residents’ needs and individual choices.


Separately, inspectors at Damien House in Co Tipperary found residents’ finances had not been managed in a “safe and secure manner”.

The announced inspection last September was the third to take place at the centre within a year. The centre was found to be not compliant with eight regulations.

Inspectors said that while fire drills took place in all houses, in one instance they noted that the time frame for evacuation was 20 minutes.

“A fire containment door in one of the houses did not close fully as there was a draft excluder in place and no self-closure on this door. This could pose a risk to the residents’ safety,” the inspection report said.

Inspectors also said that despite a significant amount of works being undertaken on the premises, one of the centre’s houses remained “stark and uninviting” with a large number of rooms locked and a “sterile type environment”.

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