An oil company is predicting widespread disruption to transportation and food supplies if a two-week strike takes place.
Unions, employers to continue wage talks without mediator

Unions, employers to continue wage talks without mediator

Unions, employers to continue wage talks without mediator

Unions, employers to continue wage talks without mediator

Unions, employers to continue wage talks without mediator

Unions, employers to continue wage talks without mediator
Unions, employers to continue wage talks without mediator
  • 2020-01-14 15:45:07 10 days ago
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Representatives of chemical industry employers and employees will continue wage talks without the presence of the state mediator, according to the office of national labour conciliator Vuokko Piekkala.

The disclosure came after negotiators from the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and the Industrial Union met to continue discussions on a new collective bargaining agreement at the conciliator’s office on Tuesday.

"In talks between the Chemical Industry Federation and the Industrial Union: the parties will continue face-to-face talks at an expedited schedule," the conciliators office tweeted on Tuesday.

Piekkala’s office said that the Finnish Forest Industries and the paper workers’ union Paperiliitto, will also continue their negotiations in the form of unmediated talks. Both organisations also held discussions at the conciliator’s office on Tuesday.

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Neste: Strikes could hit transportation, food supplies

Employers and employees are divided on the so-called competitiveness pact, a labour market pact introduced by the Juha Sipilä administration in 2016 in a bid to boost national export competitiveness. The model added an additional 24 hours annually to employees’ working time without additional compensation.

The Industrial Union, Paperiliitto and Trade Union Pro, which represents professional and managerial staff in the public and private sectors, have threatened a large-scale two-week strike over the issue.

If employer and employee representatives do not resolve their differences, the strikes will begin on 26 and 27 January. The strike action would affect roughly 1,400 persons in the chemical industry.

On Tuesday, Finnish oil refining firm Neste predicted dire consequences if the strikes take place. It warned that long-term disruption of fuel deliveries would cripple transportation and heating services and would also affect rescue operations as well as food supplies.

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Unions, employers to continue wage talks without mediator

180 jobs under the axe in Nokia redundancy talks

180 jobs under the axe in Nokia redundancy talks

Finnish networking tech firm Nokia has announced it is entering employer-employee negotiations, and that it aims to cut up to 180 jobs in Finland this year.

The company said the redundancies would affect employees at facilities across the country, but mostly at Nokia's headquarters in Espoo. However, Nokia said the payroll cuts would not affect development of 5G technologies or its factory in Oulu.

Nokia's president of mobile networks, Tommi Uitto, said the company wants to safeguard its long-term competitiveness, adding that the company will support staff affected by the downsizing process.

The job cuts are part of the company's broader goals to reduce annual costs by 500 million euros, plans which were put into motion in 2018.

Uitto said the company has reduced earlier savings targets from 700 million to 500 million euros to invest in 5G technology development and digitalisation.

He noted that Nokia hired 370 employees in 2019. The company currently employs about 6,000 people in Finland.

Last week the company announced it had signed 63 commercial 5G contracts, noting the development positioned the firm as "a global leader in end-to-end 5G solutions."

Customers in those deals include AT&T, T-Mobile US, Korea Telecom and Vodafone Italy among others.

Home delivery: Foodora gobbles up Pizza Online

Home delivery: Foodora gobbles up Pizza Online

Meal delivery firm Foodora has announced plans to merge with the Finnish-owned delivery service Pizza Online at the end of January. Both companies are part of the Berlin-based multinational concern Delivery Hero.

Pizzas and meals will still be home delivered but under the Foodora brand, according to Foodora Finland's marketing chief Nora Särkä.

"We wanted to keep the brand familiar to consumers, so we considered which brand to use for quite a while. [In the end] we felt that Pizza Online is strongly associated with pizza, although [Foodora] offers a lot more. It was natural to choose Foodora as the brand," Särkkä explained.

Ordering home-delivered meals has never been easier for consumers since Foodora and its competitor Wolt opened for business. However, the services may not provide the best experiences for delivery workers in the sector.

Foodora currently serves seven cities in Finland, including the Helsinki region, Oulu, Turku and Jyväskylä. Pizza Online operates in nearly 20 cities and communities. Meanwhile, competitor Wolt is present in 17 cities and municipalities across the country. Following the merger, Foodora will become the largest food delivery service in Finland.

Last summer an Yle investigation found that Pizza Online maintained its market position by preventing restaurants from using other services while taking up to 22 percent of the purchase price of each order.

Foodora and Wolt have also faced scrutiny from freelancing delivery workers over the firms' business practices. A group of workers from both firms created the group, which aims to improve working conditions in the industry.

Some of the group's demands include abandoning planned pay cuts, improving the allocation of shifts and recognising delivery workers as contracted employees, among others.

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